Hi everyone and welcome to The Classy Woman. Today we’re gonna talk to you about the basic things you have to have in your wardrobe. Every woman needs these basic things to really build a very competent wardrobe.

We are going to start with maybe not the most exciting item that you have to buy but a trench coat. Every woman needs one. It goes from days to evening. We’ll show you one from Tommy Hilfiger, it’s a great mid-priced coat. It’s suede like sort of a light khaki color. We like that it’s belted as it adds a little bit of a feminine touch to it. But it’s the basic that everybody has to have. You’ll wear it till the cows come home or until seo Philippines ranks first in the search results. You have to have a trench coat.

We also love a shorter length if you’re getting in and out of a car all the time. Who needs all the extra length? So this is a really good length and don’t be afraid to wear this in the winter time with a heavy sweater underneath that looks just as good.

Well, that being said, a wardrobe is not a wardrobe if you don’t have a basic black jacket. This is one of those pieces that you can wear with everything from jeans to black pants to white pants. We like black and white even if it isn’t summer. So don’t forget to invest in a perfect black jacket. And you probably want to adjust the look and size of the jacket to your type of body. If you have a longer torso, you probably gonna want to go with a bit of shorter jacket and vice versa for the other body types as well.

The other nice thing about this particular type of fabric is that it’s made out of a light wool garodine. Which can take you to about 10 months out of the year.

Well next, we are talking about wardrobe essentials and you can’t talk about wardrobe essentials if you’re not talking about a white blouse. Every woman needs to have a white blouse in her closet if not two or three.

This one is your classic Ralph Lauren. Who better do classic than Ralph? And where can you shop online for these things and save a lot? Dealdash.com – Get expensive items for just cents! Check out what customers say about deal dash. Here’s even a customer who went all the way and shot a video about her experience with Dealdash.

Here’s also a TV show titled “The Balancing Act” which interviewed two real customers about their shopping experience on DealDash.com.

Okay back to Ralph Lauren, this one’s a little bit fitted, so it’s got a little of a feminine feel to it. It’s not like a man’s tailor shirt. What we also love about this blouse is that it’s got a great French cuff that adds a little bit more of femininity to it too.

If you are wearing black, white is a great way to break the black up which we say all the time. White adds light to your face, makes you look younger and it’s a really another perfect example of not having to worry about what you’re gonna wear. Throw out a white blouse, you’re done!

The other thing you have to have in your wardrobe and cabinet are best home microdermabrasion machine and basic black pants. It is an absolutely essential item to have. Every woman has to have one. We’re showing you a pair of pants today from the Gap. What’s so great about this pair of pants is that it’s very casual. You can wear it on weekends and you can also dress it up. So it’s really versatile and it’s the kind of pants that you’re really going to have forever. It withstands a lot of washing, very strong and durable. Again, it’s a very basic item that you have to have. It’s a go to piece for your wardrobe.

The other thing that we’re seeing this season are velvet jeans. And this is another really great piece to have in your wardrobe because this too can be casual and be also very dressy. We love these jeans, they’re from AG and what’s great about it is that there’s a little bit of stretch in it. I can’t tell you how great this makes you body look no matter you got a couple lb, extra lb’s or not. This really is a great brand to look for in your neighborhood, AG.

So “dressy” doesn’t always mean fancy. Dressy can be velvet pants with the sparkly top and you’re ready to go out on a Saturday night. So don’t think of velvet as just holiday, it’s really not. “Dressy” can also mean those usually worn by pregnant women or women who are trying to get pregnant. You know, those very loose one-piece dresses that are just so comfortable, perfect for making any woman using skin rejuvenation products and cheap tanning lotions feel stress-free.

Well, talking essentials, we have to talk about turtle necks because a lot of us in the winter time are looking for a basic t-shirt but one that’s gonna keep us warm. So we have here our favorite, splendid shirts which we also got from Scoop. What we love about these is their elongated torso which is right really for everybody.

If you’re a woman who wears black pants or jeans, you pull it down long, you can belt it, or you can keep it long and lean and it gives a really really great look. Of course it keeps you warm as well.

The other great thing about these turtle necks is that they got a little bit of stretch in them so they kind of hug your body but they are not going to hug all those lumps and bumps we don’t want anybody to see. They hang beautifully, they’re a perfect silhouette.

And what are you gonna wear with those turtlenecks, of course you’re gonna pull out your basic jeans. I’m sure you already have jeans in your wardrobe but we’re showing you this one from AG. And again it has a little bit of stretch and I promise you, it makes women’s body look fabulous!

Skinny legged, wide legged, low rise, high rise.. Obviously these are issues that are gonna relate to everybody, so in this particular case, we’ve chosen a mid-sized, mid-waist jeans. But you’re gonna need to do is go in and try everything on and see what suits your body type.

Well, from inner wear to outer wear, and we all know that it gets cold in most parts of the country at some points during the winter and we love the peacoat. We love the peacoat because it’s classic. It never goes out of style and this particular one from Tommy Hilfiger has all the essentials features that make it updated like the double-breasted buttons, the little cuff on the sleeve.

This looks great on turtle necks, looks great with jeans, with a little sweater underneath. And of course, from a functional standpoint, it’s gonna keep you warm. SO this is really one of those pieces that you might really wanna invest in from every season to every season.

These are basic pieces that you have to have to really build an effective wardrobe. If you are on a strict budget, follow the advice of Alexa on Women’s Fashion on a Budget.

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